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Richmond Endodontic Treatment | Root Canal Specialist - Endodontist in Richmond BC - For the endodontist Richmond BC residents know and trust, call us today - 604-279-0035! Our Richmond root canal specialists handle endodontic cases on a daily basis. For a proper root canal treatment, call the Richmond endodontist at Smile Shapers!

Endodontist in Richmond BC

If you have a painful tooth that aches down into your jaw, you may need a root canal.  Tooth decay that goes down to the nerve is painful and even dangerous to your health. It can cause infection and abscess if left untreated.

Modern, Faster Treatment

Fortunately, root canals are not what they used to be. The procedure can be completed in two or three visits and can be done without pain. Under local anesthetic and sedation when needed, the dentist will use an ultrasonic file to drill down into the root of the tooth. The vibrations of the tool loosen and clear away any decay; all that’s left will be healthy tooth structure.

Once the roots are clean the dentist will pack it with a natural resin. Sometimes, a medicated compound will be applied if infection was present during the procedure. You’ll receive a temporary crown that day so that the open tooth is covered and you can eat.

In a week or two, your custom fitted porcelain crown will arrive and the dentist can remove the temporary one and affix the new one over your tooth. It will match your teeth in color and the dentist will make sure it matches your bite.

Root Canal Specialist in Richmond BC

What does a root canal procedure involve?

On the day of the retreatment procedure a local anesthetic will be administered, unless another type of anesthetic has been selected. The affected tooth is isolated with a rubber dam. The dam protects the tooth during treatment from bacteria and saliva. The amount the dentist can do within a single appointment will much depend on the amount of inflammation present, and the complexity of the treatment.

The first step in a root canal retreatment is to gain access to the inner tooth. If a crown and post have been placed, these will be removed.

Next, filling material and obstructions that block the root canals will be removed. This removal is conducted using an ultrasonic hand piece. The advantage of using this tool is that any unwanted material is vibrated loose. Tiny instruments will then be used to clean and reshape the root canals. X-rays may be taken to ensure that the roots are thoroughly clean. If this part of the treatment proves to be complex, medicated packing material will be applied, and the rest of the cleansing procedure will be done at the next visit.

When the dentist is confident that the root canals are completely clean, gutta-percha is used to pack the space. This rubbery material seals the canals to prevent bacterial invasion. Finally, a temporary crown or filling is applied to tooth. At a later date, the color-matched permanent crown will be placed.

Accepting Root Canal Patients

If you have an achy tooth or a spot of inflammation on your gums, don’t let fear keep you from the dentist.  Infection in your roots and gums is serious and won’t go away on its own. Call our Richmond office today to schedule your appointment!

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